Unholy Island is a supernatural horror television series, channelling the ancient dark energies and present-day fears of this strange, divided land we foolishly call “The United Kingdom”.

Written by Adam Butcher and Christopher Ian Smith, each episode is set somewhere in modern-day Britain, and introduces a new cast of characters whose lives are about to be dragged into the unknown by forces weird, arcane and horrific.

The social and political landscape of Britain is in freefall, flux, fucked – whatever you want to call it. It’s hard to imagine what the country will look like five years from now, never mind in decades to come. But the actual landscape hasn’t changed that much over thousands of years.

Britain isn’t tea and scones, Downton Abbey and a benevolent empire. It’s a land of witches burned at the stake and villages razed to the ground by Vikings… It’s Aleister Crowley, malevolent spirits and sacrificial stone circles.

In Unholy Island, this ancient darkness collides with our troubled present. As weird, nightmarish forces rip apart the contemporary lives of our characters, the audience is plummeted into a twisted hall-of-mirrors – entertaining, absurd and terrifying – that reflects our modern anxieties. This series uses the supernatural as a hammer to smash the mirror – on the other side the truth stares back at us.