Zero Hours is a dystopian thriller about a nightmarish day-in-the-life of delivery driver Sonny. Exhausted, broke and desperate for time off, Sonny hates working as a delivery driver for tech giant Zodiak.

One nightmarish workday, the simmering pressure cooker boils over. Sonny’s on a promise to make their first baby scan, but has hundreds of deliveries to make before then – or he could lose his job, and the van. The stakes are sky-high and the clock is ticking. On his round, an escalating series of tense encounters cause his stress-levels to rocket and smash his self-esteem.

What’s more, strange visions and uncanny co-incidences test his sanity….he’s got an overwhelming feeling that he’s being watched. Sonny begins to realise that he’s sacrificing much more than just his time.

Written and directed by Christopher Ian Smith.

In development.